Interior room monitoring with warning function


  • Temperature and humidity monitoring

       NEW: Control of dehumidification/ventilation systems                 

  • Mould, condensed water and hoar frost formation
  • Smoke, gas and fire monitoring                                                                   
  • Access control (movement detection)  

  • available at $ 1,400.-                                                       






○ Temperature, humidity and dew-point determination in buildings, plants and rooms
○ Alarm via email/SMS in the event of critical values e.g. with the formation of mould, condensed water and hoar frost
○ Optional smoke, gas and fire monitoring through additional sensors
○ Permanent access to the measurement data via web portal with visualisation
○ Transfer of the data to a central server via UMTS, LAN or WLAN
○ Simple generation of reports and statistics from historical data via csv interface


The basic "Smart Indoor" system is particularly suitable for retrofitting for the monitoring of plant rooms and
systems that are subject to stringent monitoring requirements.

It is also possible to expand the system to monitor gas/smoke formation, water ingress, movement
detection (intruder alarm) or fire, alongside the warnings for mould, hoar frost or condensed water

Thanks to the various different connection options via LAN, WLAN or UMTS as well main or battery operation,
the system can be used in almost any location.

If the system detects a hazard or a threshold value exceedance it sends a warning to an email address that
can be freely defined in the web portal. The current measurement values for the rooms being monitored can
be viewed in the web portal itself regardless of time or location. It is also possible to see how often the
threshold values have been exceeded.
































The Smart-Indoor web portal is browser independent and password protected and can be used to configure the system,
view the measurement values and export the measurement data.

The email address to which the alarm messages are to be sent can be stipulated in the "settings" area.

Graphical evaluations are possible both with the measurement values and with the alarm messages as well as multi-user capability with different rights allocations in accordance with customer wishes.


*We reserve the right to make changes in the course of technical development*